Monday, December 4, 2006

Salvador "Doy" Laurel's biography

I’ve just finished reading the biography of the late Vice President Salvador “Doy” Laurel,. A life full of formidable tasks, romantic lovelife, infinite love for his country and firm disposition for dignity. It was quite impressive to know that it was his beloved wife Mrs. Celia Diaz-Laurel who wrote his great Odyssey knowing that it is thoroughly difficult to write such one.I’ve just known the late Vice President through his role played during the EDSA People Power 1, where he played the part as the strength behind of then graving Cory Aquino from his husband’s assassination…and I must admit that my idea about him confines to that exist solely from it


Upon reading the story of his life from childhood, he impressed me a lot. Being a son of a President during the Japanese occupation period wasn’t that easy to bear. Death threats for his family, and even the frequent change of their address due to the constraint of the Japanese officials…whoah, that was really tough.His intelligence really wowed me too, I mean as a student, he never failed his parent’s expectation from him, being a consistent honor student from elementary till his postgraduate studies was really irresistible from a simple public school till he went to Ateneo, La Salle, UP, and Yale University in US.

ROMANTIC LOVELIFEDoy Laurel grew as a man of countenance, sensibility that would melt any girl’s heart….his first love turned also to be his soulmate, whoah…it was a very interesting love story…sorry but I think I don’t have to further elaborate it anymore…hehehehe


Legal Aid Lawyer Awardee of the World…Laurel family was known to be a family of legal professionals, His father (Pres. Jose P. Laurel) was a lawyer, and his brood of eight children pursued the same profession too. When Doy Laurel became a senator, he extremely defended for the law for the Poor people which was also known to us as the “Laurel’s Laws”. Clearly stating that the poor Filipinos must exercise more rights, and privileges since they are financially challenged believing that through this provision, they will be empowered.


When he running for the senatorial candidacy, he was under the political party of the great dictator Pres. Ferdinand Marcos.Wherein he was known as the senator who stood up to protect the poor with the rights that they should posses. He moved the nation by making a sacrifice and giving way to Cory Aquino, wife of the assasinated Ninoy to run for the 1986 Presidential elections.


During his retirement age, Doy Laurel was still an active supporter of our government leaders, until he was diagnosed with lymphoma in 1996, which caught his life in 2004.

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